Cake Divas

Regina and Belinda sent this to me to bring to everybody’s attention:

The Sugar Wonders Cake Club will be hosting their 5th annual Cake and Sugar Art Show on April 25th & 26th in McKinney, Texas.

I know I am hoping to go and hope to see you guys there!


Hey Cake Divas!  We had so much fun at our meeting on Valentine’s Day making carved and fondant covered purses 🙂

We also decided that at our March 14th meeting we will be doing a Topsy Turvy Cake!  Also, March is the month to bring dues again. No news yet as to where we will be meeting, but we will have a place somewhere.

Hey Everybody!  This Saturday for our 2/14/09 meeting, we will be carving and creating a purse cake.  Here is the list of supplies you will need:

2 8in square cakes

1 recipe of buttercream


serrated knife for carving

cake board

exacto knife or some kind of cutter for fondant


rolling pin

rolling mat

corn starch (dusting puff)

gel colors if you want a colored purse

Here is the purse we will be creating:


Hey Everybody!  Our January meeting was so much fun!  Because the project of the month was a  lengthy one, we went straight into making our gumpaste shoes.  Thank you so much to Belinda for showing us how to make these shoes!  Everybody’s shoes looked great and we had so many styles and designs.

We also decided that our February 14th project will be a carved purse cake.

Hey Everyone, here is the list of supplies for the Gumpaste Shoes that we will be making at our meeting this Saturday:

Mat to roll out gum paste
rolling pin
x-acto knife or cutter/embosser (wilton)
gel colors if you want your shoe to be a different color than white
dusting puff
little cup to make gum glue.
pen or pencil
artist brush
Check out the address of the location in the last post 🙂

Hey Everybody!  Here is the location for our January 10th meeting!

908 Timberview

Arlington, TX

Hello again Everybody!

Our meeting on December 13th was a ton of fun as always and we learned a ton 🙂

  • We have revised the schedule for Dues, it is now only $10.00 every quarter, starting again in March.
  • Our upcoming project for January will be Gumpaste Shoes.  Because this is such a time consuming project, this will be our only project for this meeting.
  • We have a new location for January which will be posted on a later post.
  • We discussed the Grand Prairie Reporter once again.  Belinda spoke to him and he would really like to come when we’re doing a cake.  Possibly when we’re doing the Topsy Turvy Cake.
  • We taste tested all of the Fondarific Fondant and each of us took home a sample to play with and practice with on a small cake.
  • Belinda did a demo on a Chocolate Christmas Ornament.  It was so pretty!
  • We did not do the Royal Icing Designs because we did not have any templates and we were also running low on time.
  • The last thing we did was the cookie exchange and with the exception of a few people forgetting their cookies, it went very well.  We all got a little booklet of recipes thanks to Belinda.

Time and Dates of Meetings

The Cake Divas will meet on the 2nd Saturday of every month at 9:30 AM