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Thank you for everybody that came to our July 11th meeting 🙂

Just to recap!

We made a super cute fairy toadstool cake by carving, covering in fondant, and making little decorations.  It was a ton of fun and I think we all learned a lot.

Next month we will be learning how to make gumpaste figures.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Our meeting on May 16th was so much fun!  With 7 people in attendance, Belinda showed us all how to make a Topsy Turvey Cake.  This meeting was an hour longer than usual, but we went home with some very fun looking cakes 🙂

We decided to once again postpone our $10 dues until our June meeting (If you paid at the May meeting, no problem, we will transfer it over)

We also decided that for our June meeting, we will be discussing (and bringing) different types of buttercream.  Lots of people have different recipes and many have yet to find one that they like to use.

If you have any ideas for upcoming meetings…please email me at


Hey Divas!

I am desperatly looking for a cake pan.  I need a Disney Princess cake pan.  It is on page 39 in the 2007 wilton yearbook.  If you have it can I borrow it?  Ive sent a message to the Cake Divas but im not sure if I did it right.  Can you pass this message along to the Cake Divas so EVERYONE sees it?



Hey Divas!  We had a great time at our April meeting!  Even though it was the day before Easter, we had a good bunch and we had a blast decorating Easter cupcakes.

We decided that since there wasn’t many people there, we would put off paying dues until our May meeting, so be prepared.

  • Also, for our May meeting we are moving it to the 3rd Saturday of the month and we will be doing the Topsy Turvy Cakes!
Since we have a location, we’re going to continue with this month’s meeting.  We will change the topic to something more in lines for Easter, push the topsy turvey to May and then if Regina won’t mind, we can attempt to tackle the dragon cake in June.  I was thinking for Saturday we could do cupcakes since these are easy and there are so many great ways to decorate them.  Try to bring at least one idea.  I have a few since I just did a cupcake class.  I will bring them.
See you guys at 9:30 on Saturday at the Timberview club house (let me know if you don’t know where the club house is…this is the one that we used in February  🙂

Here’s what to bring!:
  • $20 for dues!!!!
  • A Dozen Cupcakes
  • Buttercream icing
  • Tips
  • Bags, etc.
  • Cupcake design ideas!  (If your cupcake ideas involve a certain kind of candy, etc. please bring enough to share.)

Hi Divas

Andrea and I volunteered at the That Takes the Cake competition in Austin this weekend had the opportunity to meet some food network stars: Browen Weber and Nicholas Lodge . We also met French Pastry Chef:Jacquey Pfeiffer. Had a great time and saw a lot of beautiful cakes.

Andrea and I plan on entering the Sugar Wonders Competition, hope to see some of you as well.


Hey Everybody!

Since we did not have a March 14th meeting, we will resume our regular meetings on April 11, 2009.

Please remember to bring your dues and we will have a list of what to bring to make Topsy Turvy cakes soon.

Time and Dates of Meetings

The Cake Divas will meet on the 2nd Saturday of every month at 9:30 AM